22 August 2010

Quotable Powell #73

‘The theme of your paper, Dean – so perceptive and humane on … what did you call it? – yes, “the unhidden, unbidden, flagrant compulsions of promiscuity”,’ she said. ‘Pamela Widmerpool’s I mean.’

[Bill James, Full of Money]
[Contributed by Keith Marshall]

07 August 2010

Quotable Powell #72

Generals, as a collective rank, incline physically to be above, or below, average stature. Aylmer Conyers, notably tall, possessed in addition to his height, much natural distinction ... He wore an unusually thick, dark hairy suit, the coat cut long, the trousers narrow, a high stiff collar, of which the stud was revealed by the tie, and beautifully polished boots of patent leather with grey cloth tops. He looked like an infinitely accomplished actor got up to play the part that was, in fact, his own.

Anthony Powell, At Lady Molly's
[Contributed by Keith Marshall]