30 March 2008

Quotable Powell 60 & 61

Quotable Powell #61 [3 March 2008]
She passed her convalescence [in the London Clinic, from a face-lift] reading Anthony Powell's latest novel which, with a bold stab at accuracy, she called 'At Aunt Mabel's'. She liked it greatly but it filled her with disquiet. 'Quite a bit of Evelyn Waugh, a dash of Proust, and the purpose - description of the slow decay of top people due to social revolution - a grim subject to me, excruciatingly funny for those who are not of noble class.

Philip Ziegler; Diana Cooper: A Biography (Penguin, 1983)
[Contributed by George Lilley]

Quotable Powell #60 [3 February 2008]

I reflected, not for the first time, how mistaken it is to suppose there exists some 'ordinary' world into which it is possible at will to wander. All human beings, driven as they are at different speeds by the same Furies, are at close range equally extraordinary.

Anthony Powell, The Acceptance World
[Contributed by Julian Allason]

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