30 March 2008

Quotable Powell 55 - 59

Quotable Powell #59 [13 December 2007]

Twenty million monkeys typing into infinity would type the works of Shakespeare much sooner than twenty million professors of linguistics.

Anthony Powell, A Writer's Notebook
[Contributed by John Gould]

Quotable Powell #58 [12 November 2007]

Mr Powell is, mercifully, a writer without a 'message', either philosophical, religious or political; he is content to examine without comment, and to illustrate through character in action, the changes in human nature brought about by the changing face of the social order in which we live: in other words, he is attempting to fulfil the novelist's only true function.

Julian Maclaren-Ross, "From a Chase to a View" (review of A Question of Upbringing), TLS, 16 February 1951
[Contributed by Keith Marshall]

Quotable Powell #57 [26 August 2007]

Later on in the evening, while sitting out with Miss Manasch, I was suddenly made aware of him [Widmerpool] again when he stumbled over her foot ...
'I know who he is!' she said, when he had apologised and disappeared ... 'He is the Frog Footman. He ought to be in livery. Has he danced with Anne yet?'
'Anne Stepney?'
'They would be so funny together.'

Anthony Powell; A Buyer's Market
[Contributed by Keith Marshall]

Quotable Powell #56 [28 May 2007]

From time to time throughout the course of the evening, I saw Widmerpool ploughing his way round the [ball]room, as if rowing a dinghy in rough water.

Anthony Powell; A Buyer's Market
[Contributed by Paul Guinery]

Quotable Powell #55 [7 April 2007]

'What did you do today?' Daniel would ask at dinner.
'Messed about in the car [...] Read that novel of Anthony Powell's you lent me. I didn't realise you English could be so oblique.'

Simon Raven; The Sabre Squadron
[Contributed by Peter Bolger]

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