30 March 2008

Quotable Powell 30 - 34

Quotable Powell #34 [30 January 2005]
No novelist has more than a few stories to tell. They are the myths of life which each novelist creates for himself.

Anthony Powell on John Galsworthy
[Contributed by Dr Peter Kislinger]

Quotable Powell #33 [31 December 2004]

The General, speaking one felt with authority, always insisted that, if you bring off adequate preservation of your personal myth, nothing much else in life matters. It is not what happens to people that is significant, but what they think happens to them.

Anthony Powell, A Dance to the Music of Time
[Contributed by Julian Allason]

Quotable Powell #32 [1 December 2004]

I have only twice in my life been aware of the 'scent of violets' bursting from the uncorked burgundy bottle as one reads about – once in Beaune, the other occasion in England in the second or third year of the war, when all wine at the Travellers' club was being drunk up by the members, whatever the price.

Anthony Powell, "Cyrus Redding: Wine and Friends" in Cyril Ray (ed), The Compleat Imbiber 10
[Contributed by Keith Marshall]

Quotable Powell #31 [22 October 2004]

What really needs to happen ... is for Powell's critics to follow the advice he himself doled out to those of Evelyn Waugh: to stop talking about what a snob he was and start talking about how good the writing was.

Brooke Allen; New Criterion, 25(1), September 2004, reviewing Michael Barber, Anthony Powell: A Life
[Contributed by Keith Marshall]

Quotable Powell #30 [2 October 2004]

I reflected, not for the first time, how mistaken it is to suppose there exists some "ordinary" world into which it is possible at will to wander. All human beings, driven as they are at different speeds by the same Furies, are at close range equally extraordinary.

Anthony Powell; The Acceptance World
[Contributed by Julian Allason]

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