27 March 2008

Powell Quotes – Other Authors

PG Wodehouse [1 March 2004]
Wodehouse, then, has been an important influence on English dandyism, creating – with his enormous sales over sixty years – an audience ready to appreciate the bolder flights of writers like Waugh and Powell ... Anthony Powell called him 'a kind of genius'.
Martin Green; Children of the Sun; Constable, 1977

AP Compared with Evelyn Waugh [6 August 2003]

Another dandy novelist made a similar beginning. Anthony Powell edited a collection of family letters in 1928, and then published one novel (Afternoon Men) in 1931 and another (Venusberg) in 1932. These were both rather like Waugh's fiction; they are less purely satirical than much of his work, more like A Handful of Dust than Decline and Fall, but definitely dandy fiction. Powell's collection of family letters, moreover, corresponded to Waugh's Rossetti, just as later his John Aubrey corresponded to Waugh's Edmund Campion; and it is fairly certain that Powell felt himself in competition with Waugh all along.

Martin Green; Children of the Sun; Constable, 1977

George Orwell
[11 January 2002]

Orwell's years at Eton were a dim experience to him even at the time. One of his contemporaries described him as having been the 'dimmest' member of a brilliant Election, and he is practically unrecorded ... Anthony Powell says he cannot remember him there, even though they were both in the same company of the Army Corps; and Harold Acton could only remember a tall figure flapping sombrely about the Yard in his black gown.

Anthony Powell speaks of PG Wodehouse mannerisms in Eric Blair [George Orwell] and of a moustache (later) on George Orwell that was 'a concession to the dandyism that undoubtedly existed below the surface'.

Martin Green; Children of the Sun; Constable, 1977

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motherofmike said...

Reading Cyril Connolly's Enemies of Promise where he goes into obsessive detail about his days at Eton. He apparently considered Orwell (as he refers to him) a friend and felt great respect for him as an intellectual and an iconoclast.