26 March 2008

Powell Quotes – Miscellaneous

Politics [4 July 2004]

I love to read Christopher Hitchens – except when he writes about politics. An essay of his on one of my obsessions, the British novelist Anthony Powell, was the shrewdest analysis of that writer's 12-volume exploration of this century I had read – until Hitchens started throwing charges of Powell's 'extreme and splenetic conservatism' around.

Alan Wolfe; in a review of Christopher Hitchens's book No One Left To Lie To in Washington Post; 04 July 1999
[Contributed by Jane Helwig]

Rebellion [17 March 2003]

It has been said (by Anthony Powell whose twelve-volume A Dance to the Music of Time provided the greatest reading pleasure of my first 40 years) that we date ourselves by the standards against which we rebel.

George F Will; quoted by Nexis in Newsweek; 27 April 1981
[Contributed by William Wleklinski]

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